The "ElCat" Companyoffers comprehensive solutions in the field of automation:

«OfficeBox» is a range of services to communicate with the outside world, which greatly reduces the time and cost of connection:

1. Metro Ethernet

  • Internet technology MetroEthernet, allows a persistent reliable connection with high speed data transfer up to 100 MB / sec.
  • Permanent access to e-mail, e-mail.

2. Urban / City Phones

  • Mini- PBX
  • Auto Attendant
  • Multi- room and more.

3. Hosting

  • Hosting services with support for advanced technologies WEB.

The "ElCat" Companyhas a number of advantages:

  • providing a service of exceptional quality, due to the presence of its own optical channel to Moscow, which allows us to provide uninterrupted communication services;
  • the Company employs experienced and certified professionals to help find a "middle ground " in the price-performance ratio that allows you to significantly reduce the annual cost of digital communication services ;
  • the use of innovative technologies and high-tech equipment;
  • customer focus at all stages;
  • flexible rates and discounts, which makes all the services available;
  • allocation of the necessary number capacity;
  • work to connect to a number of services can be done in a short time.

The "ElCat" Companyhopes for mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation.

For more information about our services you can get on the phone 66-44-00, or