About us ElCat

ElCat Company is the largest Internet provider with its own fiber optic data transmission network in Kyrgyzstan, a leading supplier of business solutions for the corporate and operator markets. The company provides communication channels, network solutions and fiber optic construction services to large companies, small and medium enterprises, government organizations, all cellular operators of Kyrgyzstan and large international organizations.

ElCat is a reliable and experienced partner in the field of telecommunication services. It secured the title of pioneer in the field of Internet services in the Kyrgyz market and is currently leading in terms of the number of built fiber optic backbone network. The length of the fiber optic backbone network built by ElCat Company is more than 2500 km, providing access to each region of Kyrgyzstan.

About our company

  1. 1994

    The company started its activities by providing email service

  2. 1996

    ElCat started providing Internet access services

  3. 2000

    The company took the first step to build a single network throughout the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic as part of the State Communications Agency «Shailoo» project

  4. 2003

    The company starts to provide IP telephony services

  5. 2004

    The company starts to deploy Ethernet technologies in the country

  6. 2009

    Construction of Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan FOCL

    In 2009, Elcat company completed its first cross border fiber optic communication line (FOCL) project en route Bishkek-Kordai, thereby connecting Kyrgyzstan with Kazahstan

  7. 2012

    Construction of cross border connections Kyrgyzstan-China, Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan

    Due to the implementation of these projects, ElCat Company got an access to neighboring countries and opportunity to organize data transit

  8. 2013

    Сompletion of Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan FOCL

    ElCat has completed the construction of its second crossborder connection with Kazakhstan. The alternative crossborder connection provided ElCat Company with increased bandwidth and data transmission redundancy

  9. 2014

    Operational start-up of Bishkek-Osh FOCL uniting North and South of Kyrgyzstan

    (Due to this project, four valleys are connected in Kyrgyzstan: Chui, Suusamyr, Fergana and Alay, thereby connecting the maximum number of regions in Kyrgyzstan, including the most remote ones). The total length of the FOLC that ran from Bishkek to Osh was 625 km. This network segment was built by ElCat using DWDM digital equipment, its bandwidth capacity is 60 Gbps).

  10. 2015

    Launch of Osh–Sary-Tash and Osh-Batken FOCL

    (Built FOCL became the second broadband communication channel of ElCat connecting Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The presence of two geographically separated routes increased the capacity and reliability in this direction. During that time, ElCat has been already successfully operating the cross border interconnection with  Tajikistan through Karamyk)

  11. 2016

    M9 network node was deployed in Moscow

    (ElCat installed its own equipment in Moscow at the MSK-IX traffic exchange site (Moscow InternetExchange), better known among professionals as M9. Thus, ElCat provided itself and its customers with direct access to hundreds of popular sites, reduced data transmission routes between networks and reduced loading of expensive international communication channels)


  12. 2017

    Construction of FOCL was completed in all regions of the country

    (ElCat completed the construction of a new fiber optic communication line in Balykchy-Karakol and Bishkek-Talas section, and thus completed the construction of FOCL throughout Kyrgyzstan. The total length of the communication line throughout the country was 2500 + km).

  13. 2018

    Construction of Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan FOCL

    (ElCat puts into commercial operation new high-speed fiber-optic communication line (FOCL) Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan using DWDM digital equipment)